Landslides investigation in Omishima and Gogoshima, Ehime Prefecture, Japan

Date: 15, 16 February 2022
Location: Omishima island and Gogoshima island, Ehime Prefecture, Japan

Fig. 1 Location of Omishima island (source: Google map)


Fig. 2 Discussion about landslides before going to the sites


Fig. 3 Observed landslides from the bottom of the mountain


Fig. 4 A landslide in Omishima


Fig. 5 A big landslide in Omishima


Fig. 6 Location of Gogoshima island (source: Google map)


Fig. 7 Soil sampling at a landslide in Gogoshima


Fig. 8 Infiltrometer test at a landslide in Gogoshima


Fig. 9 Investigate wide-site images in Gogoshima by a drone

Fig. 10 Disturbed soil sample taken in Gogoshima

Fig. 11 Undisturbed soil samples taken in Gogoshima after being dried

Fig. 12 Experiment to determine the soil particle density

Fig. 13 Experiment to determine the plastic limit of the soil

Fig. 14 Experiment to determine the fine-grained portion of the soil

Fig. 15 Sieving and weighing the grain portion after drying