February 9, 2020

Date:February 9, 2020
Location:Chiang Mai

Courtesy call to Vice Governor of Chiang Mai, Mr. Komson Suwanampa

The e-ASIA Japanese team and accompanying Thai colleagues, Prof. Alice Sharp (Chiang Mai University) and Dr. Kanokvate Tungpimolrut (NECTEC), paid a courtesy call to the vice governor of Chiang Mai, Mr. Komson Suwanampa, who is also one of the members of the e-ASIA Thai team. The objective of the visit was to report the situation of our collaborative works as well as to express our thanks to his dedicated cooperation for our acquisition of the right to use the weather station datasets monitored by NECTEC in Chiang Mai Province. The occasion commenced with a welcome address by Mr. Suwanampa, which was followed by the technical discussions on possible landslide hazards in Chiang Mai aroused by Prof. Akihiko Wakai and Prof. Go Sato. After general introduction of recent landslide hazards in Thailand, Mr. Suwanampa laid emphasis on future needs of preparation for unexpected catastrophe and stated also that the e-ASIA JRP would be able to play an important role for improving their evacuation plans. All the attendees have shared the importance of our continuing research on landslide risk assessment in Chiang Mai Province. In the evening, Mr. Suwanampa invited us to dinner and we were able to have a very beneficial time in a hillside restaurant with a beautiful night view and delicious Thai meals.