August 23, 2019

Date:August 23, 2019

e-Asia Landslide Field Excursion in Aso, Kumamoto

We had a field excursion in Aso district, Kumamoto prefecture, to visit the Aso Volcano Museum and to see the current status of Aso district, which was severely suffered by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake. Because of bad weather, visits to a large-scale landslide site at the Aso-Ohashi bridge and the Takadake monitoring site were canceled.

Stop 1 Aso Volcano Museum (32°53′08″N, 131°03′08″E)
Occurrence of landslide disasters in Aso district is closely correlated with the eruptive history of the Aso Volcano. We watched a short movie and many exhibits of the eruptive history and geological and geomorphological features of the Aso Volcano. We also saw new exhibits of landslide disasters induced by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake.

Stop 2 Viewing site on the Aso caldera wall (32°55′01″N, 130°58′13″E)
Before going back to Kumamoto city, we stopped at a viewing site on the Aso caldera wall (along National Route 57). We looked the current status of landslide slopes, disaster recovery works and new road construction.