August 22, 2019

Date:August 23, 2019
Location:KKR Hotel Kuamoto

09:00-12:00 Special International Session
“International collaboration works on landslide disaster prevention between Japan and Asian countries”

Session 1

Chairpersons: Go Sato (Teikyo Heisei University, Japan) & Hoang Viet Hung (Thuyloi University, Vietnam)
1. A simple prediction model for shallow groundwater level fluctuations in natural slopes subjected to heavy rainfall: Akihiko Wakai (Gunma University), Takatsugu Ozaki, Akino Watanabe, Fei Cai, Go Sato, Ken T. Murata, Takashi Kimura, Kazunori Hayashi and Takanari Yamasaki.
2. Image Fusion Method Used in Monitoring Landslide-prone Areas with a Visual IoT Camera System: Jessada Karnjana (NECTEC), Suthum Keerativittayanun and Ken T. Murata.
3. Introduction of landslide hazard in hilly terrains in Vietnam and landslide research planning of Vietnam side in e-Asia JRP: Hoang Viet Hung (Thuyloi University of Vietnam), Nguyen Due Manh and Nguyen Quoc Thanh.
4. Slope failure during construction new road in Vietnam: Nguyen Kim Thanh (ITST), Toyohiko Miyagi, Din Van Tien and Eisaku Hamasaki.
5. Community base landslide disaster reduction and management by the mutual/public cooperation of local resident, Lao Cai, Vietnam: Toyohiko Miyagi (Advantechnology), Eisaku Hamasaki, Hidekazu Sato, Nguyen Kim Thanh and Dinh Van Tien.

Session 2

Chairpersons: Akihiko Wakai (Gunma University, Japan) & Jessada Karnjana (NECTEC, Thailand)
6. Khanh waterfall landslide in the limestone distribution area – Occurred in 2017 Northern Vietnam -: Do Ngoc Ha (University of Yamanashi), Tran Song Manh, Shinro Abe, Nguyen Kim Thanh and Satoshi Goto.
7. Case of slope failures such as surface failures on cut slopes of the Highway in Bhutan: Kiyoharu Hirota, Tomohiro Nishimura, Takeshi Kuwano and Tomoharu Iwasaki.
8. Study on correlation between rainfall and recent landslides and support for improvement of early warning system in Sri Lanka: Kyoichi Kawakami, Toru Koike, Tomoyuki Wada, Masae Kuroki
9. Japan-Sri Lanka SATREPS Project “Development of early warning technology of rain- induced rapid and long-travelling landslides”: Kyoji SASSA, Kazuo Konagai, Kiyoharu Hirota, Asiri Karunawardena

Additional talk
Prof. Hiroshi Yagi, the president of JLS, provided us an information of his recent work in Nepal relevant to the significance of hazard prevention education in landslide field.

Three academic presentations No.1, 2 and 3 in Session1 (see above) were made by each e-ASIA JRP member, which correspond to reporting current status and future plan for our collaborative research works under the e-ASIA JRP frameworks. During general discussions at the end of session, the attendees have shared a common understanding such that international collaboration in Asian countries will continue to grow up more and more in the future and we should try to make our activities developed more.

Academic lectures for various topics relevant to “International collaboration works on landslide disaster prevention between Japan and Asian countries” were given.